Livro Aberto or ‘Open Book’ is a Mozambican registered non-profit children’s library and literacy organization founded in 2007. Livro Aberto focuses on filling the gaps in literacy education and print resource access for children in Mozambique. 


Active with weekly literacy programming within multiple communities in Maputo province and through projects with other organizations (i.e., GCF, WEI, Peace Corps, USAID), Livro Aberto's strategies are impacting communities and children throughout Mozambique. Livro Aberto reaches hundreds of children weekly through a free public library, community and mobile library activities, and literacy workshops.


Working in both community and school settings, Livro Aberto ensures that children can access the best quality literacy education and age appropriate reading materials in both school and within their community...outside of school hours.

About Livro Aberto


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Registered Association in Mozambique  Tax ID: 700086161

Associação Registada em Moçambique NUIT: 700086161

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Fostering a joy for books, empowerment through literacy!


Promovendo a Diversão e o Empoderamento Através da Literacia!


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Livro Aberto Children's Library, Language and Literacy Center

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Livro Aberto Biblioteca das Crianças e Centro de Línguas e Leitura

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