Triunfo/Costa do Sol Community Library Program

Every Wednesday 07.30-13.30h

Livro Aberto started working in the Triunfo/Costa do Sol community in 2007 and continues to run a mobile lending library and literacy program on Wednesdays (7:30-10:30 & 11:00-1:00). Children ages 2 to 16 years old enjoy reading books and learning through our creative/interactive literacy classes either before or after they attend the local primary school. They check books out to enjoy wihtin their homes.

Community Library Program in Hulene

2 Fridays and Saturdays each month

Hulene is an urban district near the municipal dump in Maputo. For two Fridays and Saturdays of each month (8-11:00), Livro Aberto joins over 50 children aged 3 to 14 years old for mobile library and literacy activities within an orphanage run by the Sisters of Mother Theresa. Activities include: songs, storytelling, developmental and hands-on activites, book making, educational games, readers' theatre, and more!

Community Library Programs Throughout Mozambique

2013-2016... and into the future!

Livro Aberto (in partnership with WEI, Peace Corps Mozambique, USAID, ...and coming soon with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education) has shared their experiences and provided trainings for communities across 9 provinces in Mozambique! The participants have used the ideas presented by Livro Aberto and transformed them into their context providing engaging interactive literacy activities for children! Bravo to the CLPs in action and making a difference across Mozambique! Have a peek at what they are up to!

Authoring Books with Children

Goodwill Community Foundation Partnership

Livro Aberto creates books with children, from cardboard books ot beautifully published books! Livro Aberto creates opportunities in which child authors have a real-life experience and then participate in one-on-one and small group coaching in order to draft, write, edit and publish their stories. Each completed book is provided to the author, to the author's community lending library (provided by Livro Aberto), to the Livro Aberto Library, as well as to community library programs across Mozambique. Our recent series of graded readers include: Our Future (exploring professions that the children want to be when they grow up) and Author Buddies (a shared outing to important places in Maputo). 

Be a Knoble Kid... Email Buddies and more!

2016 and beyond...

From across the Atlantic Ocean... children in the Costa do Sol Community Library Program received Christmas Cards, video messages, and friendship bracelets from students from Ratcliffe Elementary School in Henrico, Virginia. And... they loved them! In early December the Livro Aberto children initiated this pilot project sending handmade Christmas Cards and a video message to the Ratcliffe students. Throughout the year, they interacted with their new friends through Valentine e-messages, read to each other for World Read Aloud Day on February 24th, created capulana friendship bracelets to share with the Ratcliffe students, got to know each other through email, and continued their exploration of children and places from across the globe. When asked "what did you like the best from this project?"... the children said... "I liked the program because we got to learn how to draw and write cards and to make new friends." "I like this program because we got to communicate through letters and we gave presents." When asked what would they change for next time... they said... "I would like to meet them (the new friends) one day, talk with them, and to learn more about their life. And for them to learn about my life." "I would like it if we could communicate with computers and to see each other at the same time (skype)." These are just a few of the engaging comments shared by the participating children. This sounds like a great plan for September 2016! Many thanks to Ratcliffe Elementary students and librarian, and Be A Noble Kid for partnering to make this pilot project possible! Many thanks to the Livro Aberto team for coaching the Costa do Sol children through the writing process and for helping to ensure translations of every correspondance. What a rich and motivating opportunity for all to learn a value for writing and reading!

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