Since 2007, Livro Aberto has been working hard to improve literacy skills and to foster a joy of books through mobile libraries, creative workshops, and educational activities within communities surrounding Maputo and in Jardim dos Professores. We believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences with print materials. We use recycled materials to make sustainable, educational resources and books with children; resources that the children can take home to practice with family members. Have a peek at the communities that we are currently working with!

Livro Aberto believes that children writing for children is a fun and educational way to create graded reader stories that are appropriate for the Mozambican context. A win-win opportunity for a child to learn the writing process first hand while inspiring others to read their stories! Livro Aberto creates opportunities where the authors participate in a special real-life experience, then using the photos from the experiences the children are provided one-on-one and small group coaching through the writing process from drafting and editing to the final publishing of their stories. Each author receives a book, their community lending library receives a book, the Livro Aberto Library receives a book, and then books are included in community libraries programs across Mozambique. Have a peek at our recent series of graded readers: Our Future (exploring professions that the children want to be when they grow up) and Author Buddies (a shared outing to important places in Maputo and then together the buddies created an engaging story).

Have a peek at Livro Aberto's current and upcoming projects: English Club, Be Noble Kid, Schools and Communities: Partners in Literacy, and more!

Have a peek at Livro Aberto's past achievements: Community Library Program Trainings provided by Livro to Peace Corps Volunteers and their community colleagues, book publishing, and more!

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