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Using the Portfolio of Outreach maybe we can include... maybe only a picture and a sentence or two for each? I see it as a simple timeline. When you look at what we do project by project it is not so special... but to see what we have accomplished all together I think it says a lot.

opened the Livro Aberto Library?

Free Access to books... distribution center

Government and school visits

Literacy in the Park for groups... MIS

Yearly June Fairs...

Literacy in the Park... free second Saturdays

Mafalala & Mabuka Ya Hina & EMP

AISM... GIS & Community Service Days

Holiday Club


CLP model and trainings across Moz

Manual... Programa de Biblioteca Communitaria

Child Authored Books...

Be a Knoble Kid... Email Buddies

From across the Atlantic Ocean... children in the Costa do Sol Community Library Program received Christmas Cards, video messages, and friendship bracelets from students from Ratcliffe Elementary School in Henrico, Virginia. And... they loved them! In early December the Livro Aberto children initiated this pilot project sending handmade Christmas Cards and a video message to the Ratcliffe students. Throughout the year, they interacted with their new friends through Valentine e-messages, read to each other for World Read Aloud Day on February 24th, created capulana friendship bracelets to share with the Ratcliffe students, got to know each other through email, and continued their exploration of children and places from across the globe.

At the close of the US school year, children in Livro Aberto's community literacy programs received their last mail of the "school year" form their new friends at Ratcliffe Elementary. Eagerly each child read the translated messages and shared their beautiful cards from their friends in America... to other children in Costa do Sol. When asked "what did you like the best from this project?"... they said... "I liked the program because we got to learn how to draw and write cards and to make new friends." "I like this program because we got to communicate through letters and we gave presents." When asked what would they change for next time... they said... "I would like to meet them (the new friends) one day, talk with them, and to learn more about their life. And for them to learn about my life." "I would like it if we could communicate with computers and to see each other at the same time (skype)." These are just a few of the engaging comments shared by the participating children. This sounds like a great plan for September 2016! Many thanks to Ratcliffe Elementary students and librarian, and Be A Noble Kid for partnering to make this pilot project possible! Many thanks to the Livro Aberto team for coaching the Costa do Sol children through the writing process and for helping to ensure translations of every correspondance. What a rich and motivating opportunity for all to learn a value for writing and reading!

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