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Since 2007, Livro Aberto has been working hard to improve literacy skills and to foster a joy of books through our public library, mobile literacy and library programming, creative literacy workshops, and educational activities within Jardim dos Professores, communities surrounding Maputo, and across Mozambique. 


We believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences with print materials. We use recycled materials to make sustainable, educational resources and books with children; resources that the children can take home to practice with family members.

Our Community Library Program model (CLP), our recycled materials resource strategies, our trained team of expert Mozambican community literacy teachers and librarians (and volunteers from around the globe), and our CLP trainings for community adults have made it possible to address barriers to literacy in a sustainable way, creating programs that deliver lasting change for children across Mozambique.

Through book-publishing with children, Livro Aberto has created series of children’s story books which are culturally and linguistically relevant for all children living and learning to read in this country. These books are in free-to-access libraries in 9 Mozambican provinces bringing joy through reading to children whose access to books with cultural relevance have been limited to date. 

Our free public library offers programs for free and programs for pay. All proceeds from our programs provide the funding for our Community Library Programs. In effect ...one family's joy helps children learn to read! Livro Aberto is a sustainable library and literacy association!


How We Work?

Through Sustainable Practices...