The Library is open Monday-Friday: 08-16h

and Saturdays: 09-16h.

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Love books? We do! We'll see you at the library!

Livro Aberto's public library in the gorgeous garden setting near Cafe Acacia is an exceptional place to enjoy a coffee and a great read under the trees! Families, make it an afternoon outing with your children... fresh air, children's stories, and a playground with a view! Literacy activities in the park is an exceptional opportunity for schools and groups!

Livro Aberto ("Open Book") is a nonprofit library, language, and literacy center in Jardim do Professores. This unique garden library is next to the Museum of Natural History, Josina Machel Secondary School, and the Hotel Cardoso. It offers a plethora of books in English and Portuguese for toddlers up to adults, that can be read for free in the garden. You can also become a member and enjoy borrowing books for reading on the road or in your home. The library houses the Tchivarika Buku Technology Center with free programs for students and an up-and-coming Internet Cafe. WiFi is available on the veranda overlooking the beautiful park. The ''Free Books Fridge'' filled with free books and magazines in a multitude of languages to take home. Programs at the library include: English classes (beginning to business levels) from certified teachers; Moms, Dads, Nannies, & Tots developmental program; tutoring; and free Literacy in the Park activities for children (the second Saturday of every month). The library is open to the public Monday-Friday 08-16h and on Saturdays 09-16h, excluding public holidays. Become a library member, and proceeds from the library and library programs help Livro Aberto to sustainably share the joy of reading and provide literacy support for Mozambican children.

Come with your family, by yourself, or let Livro Aberto know ahead of time and we'll plan a special morning for your group.  


Spend the day volunteering at the Library or with Livro Aberto's weekly literacy projects across Maputo!

Library History

Livro Aberto's public library exists as a result of a hard working team and your community support. Thank you to you all!

Opened in 2014, the library consists of 3 refurbished shipping containers donated by DP World with upscycling made possible by funding through the Goodwill Community Foundation (GCF), Norconsult, the Fong family, and through the goods and services donors listed below. The library is located in the beautiful garden Jardim dos Professores with a fantastic view of the sunset and the bay and overlooking the historical Maputo "baixa".


Associação Livro Aberto is eternally grateful to all of following:

Current Library Sponsors:

City of Maputo, Hotel Cardoso, Cafe Acacia, Goodwill Community Foundation, DP World, MPDC, and TVCabo.

To date, goods and services provided for the Library construction/programs: 

Cardoso Hotel, Cafe Acacia, GCF, DP World, MPDC, Global Alliance, Norconsult, Powervia, Internet Solutions, US Embassy, American International School of Mozambique, Ericsson, Europcar, CB, Santa Verde, Coca Cola, ASAP Lda, CDM, Metraclark, Harrop Allin, Trentyre, Neuce, Engco, HanBro, Wine Lovers, Maputo Asphalt, Mofer, Socoal, Procongel, Ken Construction, AMOR, Pekai's Restaurant, ZAP, CGA, Portuguese School of Mozambique, Mabuko Ya Hina, Popular Cash Import/Export, Plural Editores, Texto Editores, Alcance Editores, Kapicua, Rapid Studio, MozUp, AIESEC, Club of Mozambique, LM Radio... and the plethora of used items from families in Maputo and beyond!

Special thanks to: Fillipa Pais, Filipe Amaro, Nuno Breda, Sandra Simoes, Rita Ribeiro, Rebekah Speers, the Speers family, the Brown family, the Clary family, the Alt family, Shona Thomson, Mirinda Silva, Fiel do Santos, Patricia and Paul Barkess, and the Fong Family for your support & technical expertise!

Livro Aberto Public Library