Donate Books, Magazines and/or Used Items!

 Livro Aberto has become a distribution center for used books and materials. At Livro Aberto, we appreciate every donation and find the best home for each book and item!


Livro Aberto's bilingual Portuguese and English library, and our community library programs are all based on your wonderful book and materials donations! In addition, your books and resources are shared with many other programs, libraries, orphanages, and schools across Mozambique. For example, Community Library Programs across 9 Mozambique provinces are benefitting from your used books through the Peace Corps community library projects. Orphanages and school programs receive your books and used items to help initiate their own libraries. The "Free Books Fridge" at Livro Aberto offers free books and magazines to all! Maputo area universities receive your academic text books. Finally, Livro Aberto "sells" some books and materials in order to raise funds to purchase more Portuguese children's books. These are just a few ways that Livro Aberto and other organizations benefit from your "spring cleaning"! You can bring your book/used item donations to our library in the park... ring us and we'll pick them up!

Donate Recycled Household Materials!

Livro Aberto focus on low cost solutions for educational and literacy resources. Simply put, we re-use what others throw out! This keeps our costs low and models sustainable educational and literacy material solutions. We use recycled industrial materials to create cozy reading areas at the library! 


Materials that we love to re-use:

magazines - cereal boxes - cardboard boxes - toilet roll/kitchen roll tubes - fabric offcuts - plastic bottles - plastic/bottle caps - leftover crayons pencils - art materials - yarn/string - packing materials - tires - palletes - pillows - cushions - sheets/blankets - etc...


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Become a Library Member or participate in a Library Program!

Attend our FUNdraising Events!

Donate Funds!

  1. Sponsor one of our community literacy coaches ($250 per month)

  2. Sponsor petrol for the mobile Community Library Programs ($100 per month)

  3. Sponsor a healthy snack (peanuts) for community children attending Livro Aberto's literacy programs ($15 per month)

  4. Sponsor stationary: pencils, crayons, colored pencils, paper, glue, etc. ($50 per year)

  5. Sponsor Portuguese books (an average of $5 book)

A Myriad of Ways to Support Livro Aberto!